Is Your Heating Unit Energy Efficient? - Seek Professional Help for Heating Repair in Staten Island and Brooklyn

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As the winter sets in and the temperature drops in Staten Island or Brooklyn, you might want to turn on your furnace. Due to prolonged inactivity, the furnace might refuse to start. Sometimes, these could be resolved through some minor fixes.

Major Benefits of Energy-Efficient Furnaces are:

  • Lower Utility Bills
  • Noise-free/Quiet operation
  • Longer lifespan
  • Better indoor climate control

Filter Replacement

Changing out your air filters is essential. Sometimes, many homeowners tend to skip out on it wondering that they have just changed theirs a few month ago, so there would be no harm in waiting. The fact is if your filter becomes dirty, it will put a strain on your furnace, leading to costly repairs. In order for your furnace to function at its optimum level, it’s worth changing out the filter.

Look into If Your Thermostat Works Properly:

Why leave it for winter to come? Check out your heaters for issues. Turn it on and see for yourself how it works. If the heating unit experiences hiccups while turning it on, it might be due to an underlying issue.  Reach out to an expert with expertise in heating repair in Staten Island.

As for a manually controlled thermostat, be sure to upgrade it to a programmable one. This upgradation will allow you to program your furnace, enabling it to turn on and off at specific times of the day. Thus, it contributes to increased energy efficiency, reducing wear and tear, saving you from costly repairs.

How Old Does Any Furnace Last?

While a furnace lasts from 15 to 20 years, the lifespan might fluctuate depending on the frequency of maintenance and tuneups. Sometimes, overuse of the unit leads to a decline in efficiency. Frequent breakdowns or higher utility bills are other reasons why your furnace requires heating repair in Brooklyn. Consider an upgrade to ensure peak efficiency.

Perform Maintenance/Clean Furnace

You might notice the harmful buildup on your furnace’s burners. Get in touch with your HVAC professional today to have your furnace checked. If any tunes up are required, have them do it for you so you can enjoy a warm, cozy winter.

Keep yourself on the safe side by adopting preventive measures in the earliest. Otherwise, you might end up with a broken heating unit in the middle of the coldest days of the year.

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